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Homero Oyarce, poet, actor, writer and Peruvian singer, was born in the village of Chilingote, in the Leymebamba district, province of Chachapoyas, Amazonas department, Peru. His parents, bright peasants, were inspired to give him a poet’s name and not the name of an almanac saint, as was customary at the time. He spent his childhood in the fields, mixing work and play, talking to the mountains, rivers and the wind. He attended school in the cities of Leymebamba and Chachapoyas, and then continued his studies in Sociology at the University Pedro Ruiz Gallo in the city of Chiclayo.

His first album, “License to Sing,” was recorded in Holland in 1981. As a singer, he has toured Europe, most of Peru, many countries of America, and places as far away as the Philippines. He returned to Peru, and with his savings and the help of the villagers, managed to build a schoolhouse and install potable water in his native Chilingote.

In 1988, Homero traveled to the United States after being invited by Loyola University in New Orleans. He currently resides in California and has worked for nearly six years at the Stanford University Hospital and the VA Medical Center in Palo Alto, bringing joy and comfort to patients with his singing. He recorded his album “We the Immigrants” in the city of San Francisco.

For Homero Oyarce, 2012 has represented the reunion of his singing and his roots. He successfully completed two tours of northern Peru, where the people gave him an indescribable reception. In Chachapoyas, authorities conferred upon him the honor of Illustrious Son. In the city of Trujillo, before a select audience of the cultural world, he presented “La Odisea de la Luz y las Ausencias,” his first novel, in which an elegant and simple poetic prose leads us down magical, beautiful and painful paths. He talks about so many places and stories that are his but at the same time are ours. It is a play written at the level and quality of the great masters of literature.

For these tours of Peru, Homero Oyarce published three music CDs. In each and every one of his works he adds his presentation and acting skills. He is constantly performing concerts, lecturing, and officiating as master of ceremonies. This makes his voice, the message of his lyrics and his inflections, a wonderful experience, from the most exalted joy to the deepest melancholy; from pure suffering to the fullness of joy.

Homero Oyarce currently serves as Vice President of Club Amazon USA. With a dynamic group of compatriots he is organizing the First International Medical Mission Amazonas 2013, to be held between August 10 and August 15, 2013 in the city of Chachapoyas during the local festivities. With this mission, they want to reach their countrymen who need it most, and also to promote the beauty and generosity of their land and their people..

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