Bonfire Heights was created to encourage entrepreneurship and movements– towards social goodness. Each of us holds keys, and has the intuitive skills, to make real change. We are here to encourage leaps of faith, passion, and most importantly… COMMUNITY!
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2014 Speakers

Bruce Cryer

Global Director, HeartMath Healthcare

Randy Taran

Founder, Project Happiness

Teresa Goines

Old Skool Cafe, CNN Hero 2013

Vicki Abadesco

Soul Shoppe

Joseph Savage

Soul Shoppe

Mary Cortani

Operations Freedom Paws

Joseph Savage

Soul Shoppe
2013 Speakers

John Robbins

The Food Revolution

Gene Baur

Farm Sanctuary

Charles Horton

President of the Firewalking Institute Research and Education

Linda Fondren

Top 10 CNN Hero 2010 Shape Up Vicksburg

Jake Ducey

Author of Into the Wind

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Your Brain on Nature

Danny Keith

Grind Out Hunger

Mozhdah Jamalzadah

Afghanistan's Oprah

Rajiv Shah

Tell Your Story

Gabriel Angelo

The Master Blaster

Homero Oyarce

Doctors Tour in Peru
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Our Goals
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    The Challenges

    Each generation has its challenges. Within each generation, there are the strong men and women who devote their lives, to serving these worthwhile causes with determination, love, and persistence. The biggest victory will be the capacity to set and spread examples of conscious, compassionate, and courageous living for all the generations that follow.

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    The Community

    Bonfire Heights is designed to express new ideas and solutions, for a kinder and more enriched world. We bring honored individuals from all around the world, speaking on global issues of the environment, human rights, education, personal empowerment, etc.

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    The Vision

    Lifetime friendships and partnerships are created through Bonfire Heights annual conferences. The natural and intimate environment is intended to create space for real time conversations. Our vision is to sustain a community of heart based individuals, who come together to educate, inspire, and empower one another, through stories of our shared love and humanness.

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