Bonfire Heights was created to encourage entrepreneurship and movements– towards social goodness. Each of us holds the key, and has the intuitive skills, to make real change. We are here to encourage leaps of faith, passion, and most importantly community.
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2014 Speakers

Bruce Cryer

Global Director, HeartMath Healthcare

Randy Taran

Founder, Project Happiness

Teresa Goines

CNN Hero 2013, Old Skool Cafe

Dr. Jenny Phillips

The Dhamma Brothers

Joseph Savage

Soul Shoppe, Bully Free Schools

Vicki Abadesco

Soul Shoppe, Bully Free Schools

Mary Cortani

CNN Hero 2012, Operation Freedom Paws

Dr. Jacques Van Dam

Conquer and Thrive

Crystal Lameman

Protecting Our Land, Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Treaty No. 6

Samantha Berg

Voice of the Orcas

Ashel Eldridge

Green Community

David Wing-Kovarik

CNN Hero 2012, Families Like Ours
  • Laura-Wilson

    Check out the 2014 workshops! Eight professional coaches on board, to inspire you with powerful tools!

  • bio_horton
    Sunday Empowerment Course

    Join us after the conference. Oct 12th 3pm-7pm

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    Joe White

    Master of Ceremonies

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