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Darius Seddiqui


biopic-dariusDarius Seddiqui is seeking purpose, truth, and to live life with the least amount of regrets. He would rather say he did and failed, than wonder “What if”. A self starter and student of life, Darius’s personal mission is to continually inspire and be inspired. After graduation, as a marketing major, Darius traveled the world, teaching English in France, working on publications in Uganda, and a documentary after the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana. Darius is very entrepreneurial, starting out selling chicken eggs from his 3 hens as a kid (door to door), to successfully investing in real estate properties in his 20s. After a long prosperous run, he over leveraged in the early 2000s, and all went under water. A blessing in disguise, teaching him much patience, due diligence, and the resilience of a true entrepreneur. Darius has worked in finance for many years, and has been very effective in helping others achieve their financial goals. Currently with New York Life Insurance, he finds his work in finance fulfilling, as he is able to help others plan for their futures, and create a happy work/life balance. He always tries to bring in humility, humour, and fun. Darius founded Bonfire Heights in 2011, as a way of finding creative solutions through community and positive associations. In the last couple years, he has been enjoying the community, and pursuing his own personal development and spiritual awareness (yoga, meditation, etc).