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Bonfire Heights is a highly recognized platform for courageous and spirited social entrepreneurs. We have hosted some of the most achieved activists, CNN Heroes, and authors, with varying topics on the environment, food, humanitarian, and human potential. If your company is on a social mission as well, please join us as a sponsor! Help our mission to build community and spread knowledge.

Bonfire $3500

Our Bonfire sponsor supports our high quality video productions of all of our talks and will receive:
5-10 second logo display on the beginning of each of the 2014 talks
Link on the YouTube video to your website
Large logo on our website
Banner at our event

Flame $500

If you have a social initiative message, there is no better place to address it than at our event. You will receive 10 minutes live on stage during our conference weekend (with professional video production for you to freely use).

Vendor Flame $250

Merchant table at our event.
Sell your items, and hand out promotional material.
We can handle all sales for 20% sales fee.
Logo display on website.

Spark $100

Support the cause and our speakers!
Get a logo display on our sponsor page.
Choose a speaker to sponsor with a logo display on their bio page.