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Michael Brabant

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Michael Brabant

“Social/Cultural Change from the Inside Out: Embodying Your Fullest Self Efficiently, Comprehensively, and Boldly as Fuel for Service in the World”

Michael is intensely curious about the underlying principles that govern reality and how we can “hack” healing, evolution, and awakening in order to embody who we were placed on the planet to be. He is in his final year of a PhD in psychology and interdisciplinary inquiry at Saybrook University where he is studying how a holistic+, embodied, and spiritually-informed leadership curriculum fosters development and worldview transformation in undergraduate students.

Michael is a teacher of spiritual embodiment, collective wisdom cultivation, and awakened relationships. He is a coach and has created a modality he calls “Radical Embodiment Coaching” which synthesizes clinical psychology, spiritual awakening, subtle energetic sensitivity, and embodiment practices to support people in opening to who they are at their essence and how to live from that essence in all moments of their life.

He is interested in how we can co-create a new cultural norms and processes of individual and collective transformation in service of a greater global shift that is taking place on the planet. He believes that cultural evolution requires relational competency and living an awake life to be able to express your soul mission courageously and skillfully in an increasingly complex world.

He will be teaching two workshops, one will be called “The Future of Leadership: How Collective Wisdom and Relational Competency form the Foundation of Eternal Creativity.” This workshop will examine how we can become stewards of what wants to emerge and cultivate the energetic perception, relational skills, and intuitive perception to “download” the future and bring forth collective creativity in the people, groups, and organizations we lead. You will leave inspired and empowered to show up more fully as a leader and steward what wants to emerge in your personal and professional lives.

The other will be called “Social/Cultural Change from the Inside Out: Embodying Your Fullest Self Efficiently, Comprehensively, and Boldly as Fuel for Service in the World.” This workshop will give you a general road map for how you need to engage your personal transformational process to best prepare you to express your mission in the world that has the greatest impact. You will leave having developed a comprehensive, engaged, and embodied transformative practice, have access to a plethora of resources, and inspiration to rest into who you were born to be.

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