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Kimi Avary

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Kimi Avary

“3 Ways Your Relationship Problems are Killing You (and what you can do about it now)!”

Kimi Avary has been coaching for 19 years. She holds a Masters in Counseling and a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Licensed Relationship Coach, and PAX Programs Licensed Partner. She is an expert in helping men and women understand each other so that they can navigate and create the harmony in their partnership that they truly want. She’s a featured author in the Incredible Life book, and her upcoming book, Falling in Love, Staying in Love, has been personally endorsed by John Gray of the Mars/Venus relationship series.

All workshop participants will receive a free copy of the Incredible Life book and a Complimentary Relationship Breakthrough Session at the end of the talk.

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