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Claudine Woo, Ph.D

“Conscious Creativity”


Dr. Claudine Woo is a clinical trialist and epidemiologist. She has worked on developing medicines for diseases that affect patients around the world. She trained at Johns Hopkins University, and has worked at UCSF and leading biotech companies.

Claudine is also a storyteller, writer, and entrepreneur. She has performed storytelling in San Francisco at Fireside Storytelling and Previously Secret Information. She embraces the power of story to connect across ages and backgrounds.

She has a passion for helping people find their creative outlet, and understands the challenges of changing the status quo.

Claudine’s Website:

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Kozo Hattori

“Embodying Compassion: Cultivating Compassion Through Movement, Touch, and Mindfulness”


Kozo Hattori is a Counselor, Writer, Award Winning Filmmaker, and Speaker who structures his whole life around cultivating, researching, teaching, and sharing compassion. In his mid-forties, Kozo hit rock bottom and realized that all the misery and suffering in his life were rooted in a lack of compassion. From that day forward, Kozo has devoted his life to be the most compassionate man possible.

Kozo’s Website: PeaceInRelationships.com

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Laura Wilson

“Mind Body Connection”


Laura Wilson is a Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, who specializes in overall health and well being. Using NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, she is helping people to identify and remove the blocks that are holding them back from living the life they want to live.

With a background in bodywork and skincare, she understands that many chronic physical conditions stem from unresolved emotional issues, some of which can be internal conflicts, beliefs or identity issues. Understanding the powerful relationship between the mind and body, you’ll have better tools to live healthy, and resourceful lives.

Living in beautiful Santa Cruz, Laura finds balance in life by enjoying an outdoor lifestyle including beach volleyball and bike riding. Her passion is helping others find their sense of balance in life and revealing their best selves.

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Renée E. Cabourne, CFP®

“Creating Your Financial Plan”


Renée Cabourne, CFP®, founder of Money Savvy Woman, is an Inspirational Speaker, Financial Advisor, Money Coach, and Author who uses her passion and expertise to help her clients, students, and readers transform their financial confusion and struggle into a clear purpose and relationship with money. She’s also a wife, sister, and friend who understands the importance of living your purpose while balancing it with loving those that make life meaningful, enjoyable, and abundant.

Renée’s Website:

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Lucy Keoni

“Resiliency and The Gifts of Adversity”

Lucy Keoni is a transformational life coach, resilience mentor, storyteller, activist and lover of life. As a refugee and youngest daughter to a single mother, she overcame many hardships early on. Despite a troubled childhood, she forged through high school, being the first in her lineage to go to and graduate from university, eventually going on to have a fruitful career in the corporate world. By the age of 32, Lucy has overcome life-altering challenges including miscarriages, battling to identify an unknown disease, divorce, major financial losses, career changes, starting and letting go of businesses and a near fatal assault. The school of life has taught her that we as human beings are not defined by what has happened to us. We are defined by how well we rise after the fall. Lucy has dedicated her life to helping others transform adversity into authentic, sustainable growth.

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Shannon Presson

“Getting Unstuck on the Way to Extraordinary”


Shannon Presson believes in her clients. She is passionate about supporting them to believe in themselves as well. Shannon helps clients clear out the inner blocks to their success as well as guide them to take practical and grounded action in order to achieve their desires.Touting strong business skills that have practical applications in the real world, Shannon has experienced great success in business: for 21 years as a freelance corporate event planner, for four years as the co-founder of DSP Associates Inc., a 7-figure IT consulting company. Now as coach, healer, storyteller, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, an IAWBC Mastery Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® Coach, and keynote speaker, Shannon works with brilliant, creative professionals so they can get unstuck and moving forward again in taking their passion out into the world in a powerful and profitable way.

Shannon’s Website:

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Kimi Avary

“3 Ways Your Relationship Problems are Killing You (and what you can do about it now)!”


Kimi Avary has been coaching for 19 years. She holds a Masters in Counseling and a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Licensed Relationship Coach, and PAX Programs Licensed Partner. She is an expert in helping men and women understand each other so that they can navigate and create the harmony in their partnership that they truly want. She’s a featured author in the Incredible Life book, and her upcoming book, Falling in Love, Staying in Love, has been personally endorsed by John Gray of the Mars/Venus relationship series.

All workshop participants will receive a free copy of the Incredible Life book and a Complimentary Relationship Breakthrough Session at the end of the talk.

Kimi’s Website:

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Michael Brabant

“The Future of Leadership: How Collective Wisdom and Relational Competency form the Foundation of Eternal Creativity.”

Michael is intensely curious about the underlying principles that govern reality and how we can “hack” healing, evolution, and awakening in order to embody who we were placed on the planet to be. He is in his final year of a PhD in psychology and interdisciplinary inquiry at Saybrook University where he is studying how a holistic+, embodied, and spiritually-informed leadership curriculum fosters development and worldview transformation in undergraduate students.

Michael’s Website:


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