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Dr. Jacques Van Dam

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Conquer and Thrive the Story with Cancer

bruce-cryerJacques Van Dam arrived in the United States in 1953 an infant in the arms of his parents. Jacques grew up on the East coast and embarked on a well-trodden academic journey including advanced degrees in science and medicine. He kept busy dividing his time between patient care, primarily in the field of gastrointestinal cancer, scientific research and award winning teaching/mentoring.  His research has been published in the nation’s top scientific journals, and he is regularly an invited speaker at international symposia. His most recent travels include Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Moscow where has undertaken the training of physician colleagues in advanced procedural techniques. He is the past president of one national and one international medical society in his specialty. After 15 years at Harvard Medical School Jacques was recruited to Stanford to continue his scientific and clinical research as well as teach medicine and lead a program in specialized patient care. It was at Stanford where his entrepreneurial fire was ignited. Jacques was first invited to advise a number of medical device start- up companies in the Bay area but soon was filing patents and initiating his own ventures. He founded several medical device companies and participated in numerous others.

Conquer and Thrive is an online resource guide to overcoming adversity. Your house burns down, you lose your job, your spouse files for divorce, your child is diagnosed with a fatal disease…. You are diagnosed with cancer. What do you do? Where do you turn? Conquer and Thrive was initially designed as a response to these and other questions in the medical domain but soon grew to encompass a broader range of life’s tribulations. By providing focused, targeted and personalized information, Conquer and Thrive has the potential to help countless individuals address some of life’s most difficult challenges. Team members based in Portland, Los Angeles and the Bay area are designing efficient user interfaces to access, assess and compare information to not only help confront adversity, but create the opportunity for an individual to flourish.

Jacques is currently Professor of Medicine (Clinical Scholar) at the University of Southern California and Director of the USC Digestive Health Institute in Los Angeles.