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David Wing-Kovarik

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Family Like Ours

bruce-cryerDavid Wing-Kovarik and his spouse founded Families Like Ours in 2000 to reduce barriers facing pre-adoptive and foster families, and provide a network of resources, support, education and advocacy. Today, Families Like Ours, Inc. is a national independent adoption exchange assisting a wide diversity of families, and professionals throughout the United States and other countries.

An adoptive parent himself, he understands first hand the unique issues facing families and the social service community. David has been involved within the adoption and foster care community since 1999. He is often seen working on local, regional and national adoption and foster care related advisory and work committees, and as a board member of the national Adoption Exchange Association. David trains and speaks to adoptive and foster care families and professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest. David and his team at Families Like Ours have continued to be at the forefront of field work within the adoption and foster care community. They continue to develop new and innovative tools to help at risk youth find permanent families.

He is a strong community leader for adoptive families and special needs children and noted writer and columnist published both locally and nationally. David has more than 20 year’s practical professional business experience in both the commercial and nonprofit sectors and adult education. David and his spouse reside in Washington State with their two sons, two dogs and three fish.

David’s Website: www.familylikeours.org