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Gabriel Angelo

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Gabriel Angelo MasterBlaster G is a 13-year-old trumpeter and entertainer who tap dances as he plays his tunes. His musical career began with drum lessons at Shiloh Conservatory in Oakland. He went on to begin piano lessons at six years old, but on the first day came back to his mother with a trumpet, having fallen in love with it. Always eager to perform for an audience with more frequency than his recitals, he found a niche in San Francisco’s welcoming arts culture and ultimately developed his public career there, starting with his first performance the day before his 10th birthday. The San Francisco community, as well as a national and international one, has provided a great deal of encouragement for his continued development. Gabriel has a special interest in human development and follows self-improvement gurus such as Tony Robbins, encouraging anyone that comes his way to reach his or her potential and focus on what really matters.

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