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2011 Speakers

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Daniel Seddiqui

author of his journey called 50 Jobs in 50 States

Daniel Seddiqui did not let his external environment control his destiny when he couldn’t find a job – he created his own. With curiosity and courage, he set out to explore what his own country has to offer with jobs, cultures, families, landscapes and most importantly, what common traits make Americans great. We invited Daniel to Bonfire Heights to share a journey in life worth taking.

Birke Baehr

World renowned organic food educator

An Internationally recognized speaker and youth advocate for sustainable food and agriculture, Birke has visited and worked at farms around the United States and recently returned from a stint on an organic farm in Italy. He has attended seminars with renowned farmer and author, Joel Salatin who has mentored Birke in his pursuit of new thinking about food and agriculture. Birke continues his education in this genre and expects to be a sustainable organic agriculturist in the future.

Dr. Phil Zimbardo

What makes a hero?

Philip Zimbardo is one of the world’s most distinguished living psychologists, having served as President of the American Psychological Association, designed and narrated the award winning 26-part PBS series, Discovering Psychology, and has published more than 50 books and 400 professional and popular articles and chapters, among them, Shyness, The Lucifer Effect, and The Time Paradox.

Chelsie Hill

speaks to teens about drinking and driving and overcoming her spinal cord injurye

She’s apart of the world first wheelchair hip hop dance team called Colours N Motion. Chelsie has started a foundation with her father Jon Hill called Walk and Roll Foundation their goal is to bring a Project Walk facility to Monterey Bay, CA. This has become her greatest mission in life, but she has always said, “ I will walk again and I will dance again”! If you were to meet her tomorrow or hear her message you would agree with us all… If anyone can do it, Chelsie will!

Lori Deschene

Founder of Tiny Buddha sharing 3 Tiny Truths

In 2008, Lori Deschene held a full-time web content manager job that felt more like a paycheck than a purpose. Looking to inject meaning into her online activities, Lori began tweeting a daily inspirational quote through @tinybuddha, focusing on ideas that address the universal struggles we all face.

Christine Benninger

Reinventing the Humane Society Silicon Valley

She describes the organization she inherited as a cesspool, rife with drug dealing staff, disorderly management, sour community relations, and cruel animal care. By nearly every metric – profits earned, animals saved, customers satisfied – she outlines how proven business practices transformed the HSSV into a Best of Breed organization. We invited Christine to Bonfire Heights because her innovative vision and leadership transformed the entire role of the animal shelter, including building a state-of-the-art pet- and eco-friendly community center, despite the dire circumstances she inherited.

Kaylee Radzyminski

Tunes 4 the Troops

Kaylee Marie Radzyminski proved that all it takes is a great heart when setting out to do something to change lives. Her concern was for American Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan who miss their families and also entertainment from home. That inspired her to donate her CDs and then she encouraged others to donate their CDs. She took the project nationwide and calls it Tunes 4 the Troops. We invited Kaylee to Bonfire Heights to share the power of kindness.

Rüdiger Gamm

The Human Calculator

Rüdiger Gamm was not born math genius, in fact he failed math in school. It wasn’t until he was 21 years of age that he learned the power of the mind. He is able to do complex calculations in his mind, can speak backwards in complete sentences and words, and calculate calendars. He says that anyone can learn this. We invited Rüdiger to Bonfire Heights because he mentally challenged himself and demonstrates the power of the mind.

Cherri Foytlin and Drew Landry

BP Oil Spill Activist

Cherri Foytlin and Drew Landry are fighting for their home and justice. They are the voices of the Gulf and will not let any corporate or politics game put them or their families in harm and are fighting everyday for truth. We invited them to join speak at Bonfire Heights because they are true to themselves and their cause.

Evans Wadongo

Top 10 CNN Hero 2010 for Use Solar, Save Lives

Evans Wadongo is a young man determined to help young children and families not suffer the same consequences from kerosene lanterns as he did growing up in his village in Kenya. Kerosene lanterns create smoke that hurts the eyes while studying, is bad for the lungs, can cause fires and costly to maintain. Evens went to college and invented a solar lamp, which he calls ‘MwangaBora (Swahili for good light), as a way to address poor education, climate change, health and poverty in rural areas in Kenya. . We invited Evans to Bonfire Heights because he is a young man who wants to improve lives.

John and Ocean Robbins

Sustainable Living and Relationships